It was Teacher’s Day on September 5th.
On that day, Prema Metta School students collected their pocket money and prepared gifts for the teachers and we had the party at school.

Then, in November, there is “Student’s Day” when the teachers thank the students.

Prema Metta School invited our graduates to celebrate Student’s Day together.

We prepared cookies, pencils and cakes to distribute to the students and decorated the classroom colorfully with balloons.

Students had big smiles 🙂
We cut the cake into small piece for everyone.
Mr. Anup and teachers gave the gifts to students one by one.
Graduate student is taller than his teacher now!
I am very happy to see graduates and the teacher chatting like this.

Egg curry for lunch.

Our students

Graduate girls student.

Graduate boys student.

Having lunch all together made us very happy.

Thank you very much for being our students!