Support Prema Metta

Support Prema Metta

Inspire others to join Prema Metta Orphanage Trust activities.There are many ways to spread the word whether it is talking to others about our work, discussing our mission with your company, or joining our digital and social networks. All of these options and many more can help us.

Study Tour

We organize study tours where you can visit the school and see how the actual classes are conducted. You can also join our activities as a volunteer. Our school is located in Bodhgaya, very popular tourists destination for the world heritage Mahabodhi Temple, where Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. You can enjoy activities such as sightseeing, Indian cooking  program etc, while providing the vital support to the school.​


You’re needed now more than ever to assist youth in India. Teach English language skills, help improve educational,prepare school meals with our staff,etc…You can stay our guesthouse just next to the school!

Our supporters


Eidia and students.

Ms. Eidia Diasis.

She has been supporting Prema Metta School for a long time, and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts. If you are in Brazil or have any questions about us in Portuguese, we recommend to contact Eidia.
Please check her blog!



Pema Metta School has about 65 students now. This school is non-profit and solely run by donation from all over the world.
All resources and tools we provide are completely free. We rely on the generosity of foundations thus your support is vital for us to continue and expand our work.
A one-time donation for the school or each project is very helpful,too.

How to donate?

You can donate through bank or Paypal.

NGOs in India need to register FCRA if we receive donation from foreign countries. FCRA is a law of government of India which regulates receipt of foreign contributions or aid from outside India to India territories.
Our NGO has FCRA certificate, so you can use your bank to donate for our school.
FCRA  registration number : 031090120

Donate through the PayPal buttons below.You do not need to have a PayPal account to use PayPal.
PayPal allows you to use a credit or debit card to make a donation without a PayPal account.

*If there is any problem to proceed, please contact us.

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You can also donate to the following bank account.


Rupee to Rupee ONLY

 This is for people who has an account of bank in India.

  *Note Account name is different to our school name.

Bank name: AXIS Bank
Branch: Bodhgaya
Bank Address: Ground Floor Buddha Sevika Monastery, Sujata Byepass Rd, Bodhgaya Nagar, India
PIN Code: 824231
IFS code : UTIB0003018
Account No.: 918020109779210
Account Type : Current


International money transfer

*This account can not accept Indian Rupee

 This is for people who does not have an account of bank in India.

Acount Name : Prama Metta Orphanes Trust
*Note Account name is different to our school name.

Name of the Bank : Axis bank
Branch : Bodhgaya
A/c no. : 917010086117087
Swift code : AXISINBB529
IFS CODE : UTIB0003018
Bank address : Ground Floor Buddha Sevika Monastery Sujata Byepass Rd, Bodhgaya, Nagar, Gaya, Bihar 824231
Account type : Current