Lunch Project

School lunch is important for health and education.

Students receive free, daily lunches–a local dish of rice with 2 kinds of vegetable curries.
Hot meals come from directly the kitchen inside the school.
Sometimes it is the only meal that some of these children get because of poverty.

Healthy bodies enable healthy minds.


How sponsorship helps children in need.

Your sponsored child will also receive basic necessities like sturdy shoes and clothing, or supplies so that poverty doesn’t stand in the way of his or her education.

When your sponsored child graduate Prema Metta School, he or she will proceed to the next stage of education in Bodhgaya.

For further information, please click the link below.
About Child sponsorship program


We started to run our guesthouse since 2016. In the fall of 2017, Thanks to all, finally completed to build the yoga hall and 2 more guest rooms on 2nd floor at “Senamura Yoga Ashram Guesthouse”.

This guesthouse is opened in order to establish alternative sources of income for Prema Metta School.
In the future, we do hope the guest house will also provide employment opportunities for children, who will be unable to earn a living outside. During your stay, guests will enjoy the wonderful sound of joyous children playing, laughing, studying during the day.

Computer Class

Our goal is to give students a solid foundation to obtain a job.

Learning basic computer skills will help them.

Recently we have purchased some more computers to add the existing ones.





Sewing is taught to the elder student whom at the age around junior high school as independence support.

We are hoping this teaching provide a chance to get out of the slavery situation or DV at home.


Building playground facilities for break time, going on a picnic, holding a parents’ visiting day,etc…

we work on a variety of projects.

Please enquire if you can help us in any way.