We had a great time today at Prema Metta School Child Sponsorship Programme event.

Although not the whole students because we invited children with sponsors, including graduates, but over 30 students came school. They received the English study book, notebooksand pencil. There were 25 sponsored children and unfortunately some of them were not present today, but they will receive their gifts later.


After that we had lunch with all together, regardress of  no matter who has sponsors.

Ofcourse, we had very sweet Indian sweets, too.

Happy to make a line to receive lunch!

It was a pleasure to see the graduates again. They were happy to talk to old friends.

I think it was a great social event at ZOOM also.

Our studetns were very excited to meet suponsors.Among the participants were the members who made the musical movie with the children last year, volunteers and our youngest sponsor, a Japanese schoolboy.

I suggested to the children, “Would anyone like to sing a song? and there was a lot of whispering amongst the children.
And then, “Yes!”  and they started to sing a song that they had written together with the members of the musical movie.

Children grow up so fast both of both physically and mentally. We were all very moved by this.

We look more than 30 sponsors for supporting all students.

Please help us to support them so that they can continue their studies and go on to higher education after graduating from Prema Metta School.

If you support a child, you will receive a message from the child.

If you have an interested in this programme, pleasce contact us anytime!