The climate in Bodhgaya is very harsh, with temperatures rising to nearly 50 degrees in the summer and dropping to below 10 degrees in the winter, the air is very dry during the dry season, and storms during the rainy season are so violent that they can knock down trees.
This climate has a tremendous impact on the houses. It is our school building too.
The paint on the walls peels off and cracks appear.

Inside the school building.


Class room.

Although the climate is not the only cause, we need to maintain our buildings.
Then, our beloved friends and supporters, Kara and Eida, helped us by asking for donations to help repair the building.
We really appreciate Karla,and her friends also Eida and her friends!
We bought the materials, soon renovations will be started!.
Your donation helps us a lot, if you would like to support our school and students, Please contact us.
Thank you for your support.