It is already near the middle of September.

It’s been almost a month since school reopened last month. We have welcomed 25 new students to our school and 60 children are learning with joy every day.

In the Nursery and UKG classes with the new students, 4, 5 and 6 year old kids study Hindi together from pronunciation.

Students who went to upper class received new textbooks.

We are currently distributing textbooks and uniforms to children who need them.

Following Independence Day in August, we celebrated Teacher’s Day on September 5th. On this day, the students express their gratitude to the teachers and thank them.

Each student brought 10 or 20 rupees and organized a party for the teachers. (The teachers prepared the party together with students.)

They wore very nice dress and showed performances to teachers.  Students also gave gifts to teachers.


After that we enjoyed special lunch!

Chicken curry is very special for our school lunch, they were very excited to have it. The had several refills!

There are many festivals in fall, we hope we will celebrate all together from now on.

Thank you.