Today there is a Hindu festival called “Rata Yatra”.
It is the festival of the supreme deity Jagannath, which would normally be celebrated with floats, but it is still on lockdown so we do not have that ceremony.
However, it is a very auspicious day and we are grateful that we were able to distribute food and other items to the children on this day.

Prepared with graduates of our school one day ago.

We gathered at a distance.

Keep the distance and assemble. We are reminded by the Indian government to wear masks, but due to the very hot and humid weather at this time, we are very careful about the health of the children if they wear masks.

Bags with potato,beans,rice,oil and salt.

We could gave a mask, writting material and tooth brush to our students this time.

A bag became quite heavy but they are fine to go back home with them.

We really thank you for your support!

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