The school is closed again and we can’t give school lunch to our students. And also the number of people infected with COVID19 is increasing, then there are many people who are struggling to live as Bihar is now on lockdown.

Therefore we planed to distribute dried foods to students.

We prepared potato, beans,rice,masturd oil, salt and soap and made 60 bags. Thanks to our graduates, they came to school to help us.

Last Saturday, we divided the distribution into several sessions, limiting the number of children who could receive it at one time to 10 to 12.

We made a social distance and give a bag one by one.

After receiving, they took the back to home for thier families. It was qute heavy but most students brought it on the head!

Thanks to donation from our supporters in Brazil and also Be change foundation in U.S.A. it supports our lunch progaram.

We have another donations from Premametta supporters so we will continue to support people who need it.
Your support is highly appreciated.
Thank you.