On Sunday, September 6th, we distributed food to our students and people in need, it was the fifth time distribution during Covid 19 pandemic.

India is still in Lockdown then regulations have been eased but schools and educational institutions are still not allowed to start.

Students looked very excited to meet friends, it was the first time to meet each other at school since the school was closed.

With full of joy.


Girls were chatting inside the school.

What we gave out this time (65 bags in total)

Rice 5kg
1 kg of lentils
Potatoes 2.5 kg
500 ml of mustard oil
1 soap

Students stood in a circle to protect social distance.

At Prema Metta School, we provide fresh and hot school lunch every Monday to Friday, they can eat until they are full.

Although we don’t have enough food to distribute, we hope It will help student to eat  in some small way.

All our activities are supported by generous donations from kind people. Your donation will be used for the future of children.

Thank you for your continued support.