We started a new project to build a school for girls and women in village far from Bodhgaya city.

To work there, we need water so we made the water well last month. Now it looks helpful for villagers and animals!

Around here, we do not have water supply 24 hours, some houses have a tap water but water supply is controlled and given us a limited of time, at the same time, we need to fill the water tank using an electric motor but the power supply is also limited.

Our place to start school is very dry area, they are always suffering from lack of water. There are not enough water wells in villages either.In the future we will install a solar power and generator to use the motor to get water when we need to, for now we do not have that so we make a reservoir for water then, caws, dogs and goats come to drink.

So we are very happy to offer water for free to all of them.