Your Own Stage, a musical film that took about two weeks to produce from February 23 to March 3 of this year, was released on Youtube yesterday.

Due to the new corona virus, at first all schools in India were closed and then India started the lock down, now we are not able to see our students. At this moment this film gives the change to meet our children.
It is great to watch them singing, dancing and acting so cheerfully in the film.

The music, dance and dialogue were all created here at Prema Metta School in Bodhgaya with the members of LES WORLD.

It was the first time for us and the children to try and make such a great short film.  Thanks to the staff and cast of LES World we were able to do.
Children who played may have had some new “hopes” and “goals”. We really hope it.

Songs in the film created with our student and them, they are sing the songs in Hindu, Japanese and English.

If you feel happy after watching then, we are very happy…