Lock-down India

A 21-day lockdown was imposed in India because of COVID-19 outbreak on 25 March, before it, Bihar state requested us to lockdown on 22 March. We announced that  all schools, colleges, malls, restaurants, shops has been closing since then.

We distributed some rice and beans to our student home but it is not enough.  We can give some foods to them again bu we want to distribute foods not only our students but also people live in poor villages around us.   We agree to close everything but it make economic down, especially on the families of daily wage earners, laborers, waiters, and auto-rickshaw drivers, and others who depend on their everyday earnings for survival.
We will take a permission of Local authority to do it so we will get ready for it if we can correct donation.

What we want to distribute

Rice, beans,oil, soy-meat spies and soup or mask  …

How much should I donate?

We do not care about how much you will donate.

*For example : Rice 1 kg about 30 Rs. ( We use 7 kg rice at once for school lunch )

Please contact us

We hope we will help them, for the sake of it, we need  your help. If you can donate for them, please contact us.