On the last month, we had a Japanese lesson by Mrs. Minato Uemura.
She explained about Japanese culture using typical Japanese foods with her hand drawing cards.

Such as….In Japan, eggs are cooked ”Dashimaki tamago” (Rolled Japanese style omelet) then our student started to explain how they eat eggs like ” Egg curry”

When Japanese eat something, they use chopsticks but here in India we use our right hand to eat.
Some students tried to use chopsticks, it was so hard to manage!
And then, Minato told them popular lunch menu ” Onigiri ”(a rice ball) to bring school, then students told to her popular food to pack in a lunch box, such as Puri (deep flied bread), Bunjiya (flied vegetable) and chapati (whole wheat bread)  in India.

To know how to cook, when it is cooked in India and Japan was so fun!

Minato says ”I hoped it made them to have interest in Japanese culture or it was wonderful if they could remember something about Japan”

We would like to keep having like this class to broaden their horizons.