David and Edith came from Brazil. They are English teacher.
Before they start their travel, they kindly collected colored pencils for our students.

“Please help. In December we will visit an orphanage school in India. The school is in Bodh gaya and it helps children from the local farming community by providing basic free education.The school relies on donations and must provide everything for the children. We plan to take boxes of coloured pencils for the children and we need your help. Can you please donate one box? We will take them with us when we travel to India. We want the children to know this is a gift from you. So please include a photograph of yourself and a short message (in English) for the child who will receive your gift.”

Mr.David and Ms.Edith

At the last, over one hundred colored pencils were donated by Edith students in Brazil! David and Edith was bringing all pencils with them until they arrived our guesthouse “Senamura Yoga Ashram Guesthouse ” in Bodhgaya.

Pencils with message from children in Brazil

All students received a colored pencil and message.

It was our first time to meet them however they worked for us a lot, it was very touching us.
We are very lucky that we can meet people with big heart, thanks to our school.

Thank you.