We asked an impression to students and teacher about talking to pupils in Japan the last Saturday.

From Students

Sweety Kumari

Speaking Japanese children was hard. Enjoyed a lot.

Banti Kumari

I enjoyed talking and dancing with Japanese kids.

Durga Kumar

It was happy to talk to kids in Japane.

Rinki Kumari

It was happy to talk to kids in Japane.

Jitendra Kumar

My dream is to go to Japane because I see all places and schools.

Prince Kumar

First time talking and question and answer with Japanese students. So I am very happy.

Ashki Kumari

It was difficult to speak Japanese children but I enjoyed it.

Niki Kumari

I like Japanese language but very hard.

Ravi Kumar

This us my first time talk with you. I am very happy.

From Teachers


I am very happy. Japanese students were very good at talking and playing toy” Kendama” and “Otedama”

Vijay Kumar

I am feeling very well. Japanese kuds and Indian kids talking were with each other about question and answer.

It sounds that everyone enjoyed this programe.