About Daulti

Sixteen year old Daulti Kumari is a former student at Prema Metta School.

Soon after she was born, her right foot began swelling. The swelling gradually increased and it became difficult for her to walk. Nevertheless, she came to our school everyday with a smile.

Several years ago, Dualti received support from foreign donors for an operation. Her right foot was amputated. The operation was successful, but unfortunately she could not receive further treatment and rehabilitation after the operation. Soon after she lost her foot, the right leg above the ankle began to swell severely. In addition, her abdomen also began to swell. Now she could not walk at all.

“What is the cause of this swelling?” we asked ourselves.

“Is there any way to cure her? What can we do?”

We undertook to support her medical treatment. While we were researching hospitals, we asked for financial support through a Japanese newspaper, SANKEI SHIMBUN.


This January, we took Dualti to see a doctor at IGIMS hospital in Patna, the capital of Bihar. At that time, the doctor told us there was a possibility of “lymphedema,” and that further diagnostic tests were needed as soon as possible.


We thought it would be important to choose an excellent hospital in order to get reliable test results. After researching hospitals, we chose Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata, which is a large teaching hospital. We travelled there with Dualti for tests and diagnosis.

The diagnosis at Apollo Hospital

After many examinations and tests, such as CTS, MRI, Ultrasonography and blood tests, over the course of a week’s time, the diagnosis of Apollo Hospital was “Lipoma.”

There is no medicine to cure this condition. Since the lipomas continue to grow larger and larger,
the doctor advised that the tumors be removed as soon as possible.

Second opinion

We asked a Japanese doctor, who is one of our supporters, for his advice. He and another Japanese doctor, a specialist in diagnostic imaging, checked the test results carefully. Their opinion is that the CT shows there are 3 possibilities:

Well differentiated liposarcoma
Myxoid liposarcoma
Spindle cell lipoma

They consider the most likely to be “Liposarcoma.”

A biopsy

The Japanese doctors strongly recommend having biopsy because without it, preoperative diagnosis is very difficult.


A biopsy test would give us clearer information as to what a medical treatment would offer the best options for Daulti.

None of the diagnoses offer any cures through pharmaceuticals. Meanwhile, the tumors continue to grow larger and larger. Surgery to remove the the abdominal tumor would be the first step. Then she would need her leg amputated above the knee, to be fitted for an artificial leg, and to have extensive rehabilitation.

Dualti’s hope is to be able to walk again; with surgery, prosthetic, and rehab, this hope could be realized. Dualti is a very brave girl and wants to go forward with this treatment plan.


We are now researching the cost of these treatments. Time is of the essence in this situation, as the tumors are already quite large. Therefore, we need to ask for your support again. We are so grateful for the support that has already been given, and appreciative in advance for your future donations to help this young girl.



We do hope we will keep seeing her beautiful smile.