We finally get started the renovation for the school building. The number of students has included that we have kept wanting to extend the class room.

In addition, students have lunch on the floor or their desk at their class room. As you know, we eat food with a hand, so pupils drop food on the uniform, textbook or desk. After eating, all students wash the plate on their own however we have one small sink, it makes a mess on the floor. Considering the above,  The renovation is one of our wishes.

The wall was broken.

Walls were broken.

Our plan is to build a dining room and a staff room, renovate the kitchen. If possible, we want to set the fence around the playground for safety.

While we have the renovation, students have to move of that class rooms.

They enjoy studying outside and the yoga hall at Senamura Yoga Ashram Guesthouse.

Having classes outside during the contractions

Taking an exam in the yoga hall at Senamura Yoga Ashram Guesthouse running by Prema Metta School.

We will update the daily progress in Facebook or Instagram, please check it!

Our students say” we are very happy we will study at a new class room” They look exciting.

This renovation work is donated by supporters in Brazil but we still have to ask someone who can donate for this work.

Your support helps us a lot, please see the below link our use the contact form.


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