Happy belated Christmas!!

Christmas party 25 Dec 2020

How did you spend your day yesterday?

Thanks to all, we had very very happy time at Christmas party

The 8th Christmas party

I checked that our first Christmas party was maybe 7 years ago, so this year we had our 8th party. Gradually the number of supporters has increased and the number of children (other than school children) who can be invited to the party has also increased. This year we had to reduce the size of the party due to the  pandemic, but as our students were playing and dancing with musics in the school ground, and decorating the Christmas tree, children from neighbouring villages started to gather. Although we couldn’t provide Christmas gifts as the same as our students, we at least tried to feed all children who came to play, and served them food and cakes, just like the children of Prema Metta School.

120 people had lunch

There were about 70 children and graduates of the Premametta School, about 30 children from the neighbourhood and other people who have always been a great help to us, for a total of 120 people or more! It means we cooked a Christmas lunch for 120 or more people. In the school kitchen, the cooking started at 7am and it was very busy all day long. We used 20 kilos of chicken, 20 kilos of wholemeal flour, 10 kilos of potatoes, 5 kilos of mustard oil, 5 kilos of soya oil, etc. All the ingredients were used up yesterday.


Students helped cooking.



Graduates always come to support us.

This is Puri.

Aloo dam.

You can eat until you’re full!

About 100 children sat on the roof, they really enjoyed having the special lunch with friends.

Sinoir students and graduates served food.


The kids could eat as much as they wanted with free refills until they got full. It’s been a long time since They have had lunch with friends, which made it even more fun and tasty. They ate puri much quicker than we expected, and within 15 minutes of the start of the lunch we had to start making more again!

The Christmas lunch menu was, chicken curry, vegetable curry, puri, salad and Indian sweets. As some families are vegetarian, so we cooked Aloo dam, it is a potato curry that the children love.  Now we want the kids to have what they want to eat, not whether vegetarianism is good or bad. I want them to be grateful for the life they are given and to make their own choices to eat when they grow up. When I ask them, “What do you want to eat?  then they replyed “Chicken! Eggs! so we would love to offer the food if it make them happy.

There are several events in a year at Premametta School. The size of the event getting bigger and bigger from time to time.  Depends on the amount of fund raised, we have to change the plan what we offer a special lunch to students.  We try not to rely on donations, as this would make the event too unstable to hold every year, but we still need your help…

We would be grateful for your continued support as we continue our efforts with your help.

Next up, I will write on the Christmas gifts for students in our new newsletter.

Thank you very much for your support.

You can see how we make puri!


Kids enjoy eating.