Following on from last time, today I will tell you about Christmas party 2020. This time I would like to talk about the gifts we gave to all students.


Christmas Gifts

Every year we distributes winter clothing such as sweaters, shoes and socks as well as uniforms. This year, due to the closure of the school and the financial difficulties of the guesthouse becaouse of the outbreak of Covid-19, we were not able to provide winter clothing. When we were distributing fruit at the school earlier this month, we saw children wearing sweaters with big holes and they were barefoot, which made us want to distribute warm clothses  and shoes this year before the real cold weather comes.

Support from 10 countries

Even if we couldn’t raise enough money to buy sweaters and shoes for all students, we wanted to give them at least a scarf, so we told our supporters around the world what we wanted and asked for their help.

Then some of our supporters had already collected donations for our annual Christmas party. And then something happened that we had never imagined. We received support from 10 countries: Brazil, USA, UK, Spain, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan. As a result, we were able to provide all three items: sweaters, shoes and scarves.


It was a lot of work to make sure everyone had the right size  for the day, but all the hard work was forgotten when they were so happy to receive their gifts.

If they are happy, then we are happy too.

There is Repabulic day next month, we are doing out best to give the free education and good memories to students.

Your supports make kids happy! We really thank you a lot.