We distributed food and other items on 2nd May 2020, it was our fourth time to do it.
The village we visited this time is the lowest caste people live in. Still  caste system is exist in India, so some people are unable to live near towns and villages with higher caste people. Most of the people don’t have own land, so they do not have a farm either.They work as migrant workers, cleaning, and disposing of dirt, but it seems that they can’t work due to the lockdown in all of India, and their lives get tougher.

We hold a free cram school twice a week in this area for children. It’s a pity that this cram school has also been closed since March.
The food and other items were given to 42 families of these children and their widows and physical challenged people.

Ms. Pushpa (the woman in the photo), the leader

When you start something, you can’t do it without helping by local people. And for the future, we thought it would be better to train a leader who can lead people among the local people. She always helps us a lot, she is one of a teacher at our cram school.

Thanks to her, we provided things smoothly.

The all-India lockdown, which was scheduled to end on May 3, has been extended for a further two weeks.

We will continue to make every effort to get what we need to the people who need it as much as possible.

Thank you all.