Two Prema Metta school graduates and I went to Delhi on 21 Aug. to 25 Aug.

My purpose of this trip was to find a new way to support our students who graduated and have kept studying.
We are keen to support them to get a chance to study abroad or some city in India such as Delhi or Mumbai. Luckily I got the opportunity to talk about this issue at The Tokyo University Office and Japanese Science Technology Agency(JST) in New Delhi. JST has wonderful programs to offer Asian young people to learn about science and technology for 1 or 2 weeks in Japan so I was very interested in these programs. Then, I started to get a contact. 

I made the appointments to meet them, Our founder / director Anup Kumar and I decided to take two Prema Metta school graduates ( they are also our nephew and a brother in law ) to New Delhi to study this programs. They help the management of our school and running our guesthouse.  Above all, their ages are suitable with the programs.
The another reason is I would like them to consider about the future and decide what they want to be by themselves

In front of the office in Delhi

-The meeting at the very Japanese style office in Delhi
-Meeting with Japanese work in India
-Young Indian people who speaks English / Japanese work at foreign company

Mr Aoki of JST

it seemed that everything stimulated their minds.


In Bodhgaya we can not see young unmarried man and woman walking together, having tea at cafe etc…if they do they are looked at someone with disapproval… especially girls can not allow to do that. Woman live still in small world. We saw young generation chatting friendly and openly regardless a gander in Delhi. It made them as if they were in a different country.

I hope they will grow up and think about the things with a wide view and open mind and lead to others. We are sure their generation is able to change the status of not only woman but also the world.

We can show everyone that anything is possible.

You can show us that anything is possible!

It encourage younger students.

Anything is possible!!

  • I will update the blog about staying in Delhi, please keep checking it up!!