A ten-year-old boy, Gaito Kishikawa from Japan has offered to sponsor a child at our school.

Gaito began supporting children in Africa and Asia with small amount when he was at nursery school himself. He loved to know about the children he supported, what they ate, what they were interested in, and how they played with their friends… He enjoyed sending and receiving the photos and letters with them.
Gaito has already visited India several times up to now, he has also made some friends in Kerara (South India), so he feels familiar with the country, which was the reason why he wanted to sponsor a child at our school.

Gaito has saved his own pocket-money, also “Otoshidama (a special pocket money given at the new year)”, and sent it to us from his bank account.

Gakuto became a sponsor of Brajesh. Brajesh lost his mother but he keeps coming to study.

He is very much excited to exchange the photos and letters with his new friend he is sponsoring. He is looking forward to meet and talk with him on Skype, and we will be setting up a video chat for them.

How thoughtful he is! We are touched by his big heart. His compassion has inspired us so much, and also our students.

Dear Gaito, we really appreciate your kindness, and look forward to meeting you in the near future.